Moroccan Hammam

Hammam bath is an age-old traditional cleansing ritual, which is spread across the Middle-east. At Lawar’d you can now experience this exfoliating body scrub for beautiful glowing skin.  At Lawar’d we have 3 different Hammam packages.

  • Pearl package

This offers the basic Hammam. We begin by covering your skin with our special Moroccan soap. You then go into the steam room for 15mins which is an integral part as it opens your pores and removes all the toxins. We then begin the exfoliating process using the Kessa gloves which remove all your dead skin. Your body is rinsed with warm water and a Moroccan clay mask is applied. This allows your skin to and pores to close and cool. After you wash the whole body, our special Moroccan oils are applied which helps restore moisture and close the pores.

  • Ruby package

  • Diamond package